Amplify the Sense of Wonder

Who we are

Geist is a research lab at the Keio Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University Japan, as well as a loosely connected collective of individuals driven by the same ideals.

Geist (pronunciation: [ˈɡaɪst] ) is a German word. Depending on context, it can be translated as the English words mind, spirit, or ghost. It loosely refers to "Ghost in the Shell" and to "Ghost in the Machine", a term coined by Gilbert Ryle. "Ghost in the Machine" shows the absurdity of the mind-body dualism.

Knowledge and wisdom are not merely functional, there's enjoyment in understanding the world. The Sense of Wonder refers the awe we feel when we understand a new concept, a mechanism etc. When we gain a deep understanding of something, it often fills us with satisfaction and amazement. Imagine a child's experience. Every little insight it gains from interacting with the world makes it excited.

In Geist we use technology to understand ourselves and our world better. Our passion is increasing the human potential using technology: To "Amplify the Sense of Wonder".

Recent updates

Lessons from the Dagstuhl Seminar on Eyewear Computing

We took a risk in organizing the Eyewear Computing Seminar as we deviated largely from the standard model, yet I believe it payed off. pupil Traveling to CHI 2016, I finally got some time to write a bit more again. Sorry for the sporadic updates I promise improvements. As mentioned... Read More

ISWC and UbiComp in Heidelberg

It’s a strange feeling to have UbiComp and ISWC so close to my home. Amazing organization and impressive research and meeting old friends. Some personal highlights (in random order): Skin Reading: Encoding Text in a 6-Channel Haptic Display Granit Luzhnica, Eduardo Veas, Viktoria Pammer Smart Soccer Shoe: Monitoring Foot-Ball Interaction... Read More