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Experiential Supplements

Experiential Supplements; photo by Kirill Ragozin
Sharing experiences and knowledge have always been essential for human development. They enable skill transfers and empathy. Over history, mankind developed from oral traditions to cultures of writing. With the ongoing digital revolution, the hurdles to share knowledge and experiences vanish. Already today it is, for example, technically feasible to take and store 24/7 video recordings of one's’ life. While this example creates massive collections of data, it makes it even more challenging to share experiences and knowledge with others in meaningful ways.

A recurring theme in science fiction literature is the download of the abilities of another human to one's mind. Although current cognitive science and neuroscience strongly suggest that this is impossible, as our minds are embodied; we believe that skill transfer and effective learning will accelerate tremendously given recent technological trends; just to name a few of the enabling technologies, human augmentation using virtual/augmented reality, new sensing modalities (e.g. affective computing) and actuation (e.g. haptics), advances in immersive storytelling (increasing empathy, immersion, communication) etc.

Most of the problems we face in our life have already been experienced and solved by others. In this project, we want to digitally recording experiences, extract the essence and store them to make them applicable to other people. In this process, we transform the digital record of experiences into a user-adapted form called “experiential supplement” taking into account users’ cognitive states. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the above process in the fields of learning, health care, sports and entertainment.
Experiential Supplements; photo by Kirill Ragozin